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We offer desktop PC and laptop upgrade services for any kind, including HP, Acer, Samsung, ASUS, Dell.

From small problems to major catastrophes we can help you to get back up and running your computer. We offer a variety of computer and laptop upgrade services at an affordable price done right. We take great pride in our work and have the knowledge and experience to address all your computer needs.

You won't be disappointed if you bring us your computer.

Speed up your PC with an SSD $75

If your PC still runs with a mechanical hard drive, swapping it out with an SSD will make it feel like a whole new computer. SSDs inject face-melting speed into a PC, drastically improving boot times, file transfers, and overall system responsiveness.

Install more RAM $25

When your RAM has too much to do—think dozens of browser tabs, way too many applications, or a huge video file—your computer's speed can slow to a crawl. To prevent this issue, install extra RAM.

Upgrade your WIFI card $25

Upgrade your WiFi to WiFi 6 or WiFi 6E card to improve the WiFi performance and enjoy a far better Internet experience.

Upgrade your graphics card $50

If your existing computer relies on a built-in graphics chip, it might struggle with tasks like gaming or image and video editing. Even playing oversized videos can slow it down. To boost its performance, plug in a new graphics card.

Hard Drive Cloning / Upgrade $75

Clone a healthy hard drive (with no bad sectors) to your new hard drive and install it in your PC.
If the drive has errors, it can be assessed to determine what data is recoverable and what it would cost before proceeding.   See the Data Recovery section for details.

Add extra ports $50

If you've maxed out the ports on your current computer, or you didn't get many to begin with, think about investing in an extension hub.

Add or Replace an internal hard drive $25

Freeing up space on your hard drive is great for your computer's health

but an external hard drive isn't the only solution.

Other services also available. Contact us for an estimate.

A deposit is required for all parts orders or any parts ordered where the customer retains the computer until parts arrival.

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